Private Charles W Greenaway, 14983

  • Batt - 9
  • Unit - Leicestershire Regiment
  • Section -
  • Date of Birth -
  • Died - 01/10/1917
  • Age -

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Source: Michael Doyle Their Name Liveth For Evermore: The Great War Roll of Honour for Leicestershire and Rutland.
He was the son of Mr George and Mrs Greenaway of Tickencote, Rutland. He embarked for France on the 19th July 1915 and was killed in action in Polygon Wood during the third Battle Of Ypres, in which his battalion gained a splendid and most important success. Before enlistment he had been a footman and became a soldier servant to his company commander, who was also killed during the same action. The War Diary entry for the 1st October 1917 records. TRENCHES IN FRONT OF POLYGON WOOD, J.16.a.7.9. to J.10.c.7.6. At 4.00am Situation reported normal by Companies. At 5.25am Enemy put down a heavy barrage on front Company and POLYGON WOOD, and at the same time put up a smoke screen all along the Battalion front. At 5.27am The enemy attacked through the smoke screen. S.O.S. sent up. First wave of the enemy were driven off by “A” Company by Lewis gun and rifle fire. Captain A. A. D. LEE M.C. killed. At 5.30am The enemy second wave driven off on our front, but enemy attack on Battalion of right flank successful. Right flank of “A” Company (front line Company) threatened. At 5.40am 2 platoons of “D” Company (who were in reserve from J.10.c.1.3. to J.10.c.1.1.) under Lt. Col. P. E. BENT D.S.O. and “B” Company (who were in support from J.10.c.6.4. to J.10.c.6.0.) under Lt. BURN immediately counter attacked enemy. Counter attack was entirely successful and drove enemy from our front. Lt. Col. BENT killed whilst leading the charge. At 5.45am The enemy continued to make headway on our right flank in J.16.a. and launched his 3rd wave against our front. Two platoons of “C” Company sent up to counter attack enemy on our right flank. Lt. BURN killed. At 6.00am “C” Company counter attack reported to have stopped enemy advance. 2 platoons of “C” Company sent up to reinforce and to get in touch with troops on right flank who had been driven back some distance. Enemy attacking troops driven off but owing to heavy casualties in front Company, a defensive line was organised approximately 100 yards in rear of our front line, along the eastern edge of POLYGON WOOD. Enemy shelling in POLYGON WOOD extremely heavy, causing many casualties. 2nd Lt. BARRATT killed. 2nd Lt’s. FAULKNER, SCOTT and HALLAM wounded. “C” Company established a defensive flank from J.10.c.6.0. in front of CAMERON HOUSE to J.16.a.2.7. Full report sent to Brigade and reinforcements asked for. Enemy repeatedly attempted to advance but was driven back by our Lewis gun and rifle fire, and the line was held against further attack. Touch with the 8th LEICESTERSHIRE REGT was maintained throughout on our left, but touch could not be kept with the troops on our right. At 9.30am Reinforcements from the 7th LEICESTERSHIRE REGT commenced to arrive, 2 platoons sent up to reinforce front line and right flank. Enemy continued to shell extremely heavily, particularly the western edge of POLYGON WOOD - GLENCORSE WOOD – BLACK WATCH CORNER track. The Companies of the 7th LEICESTERSHIRE REGT who had suffered heavy casualties in the barrage and were approximately 70 strong in all arrived as reinforcements. One Company sent to the defensive flank in J.16.a. and one Company sent to form a second line in J.10.c. central, 100 yards inside the eastern edge of POLYGON WOOD. Enemy shelling extremely heavy. Enemy aeroplanes were also very aggressive. One enemy plane flying 200 feet above our trenches was shot down by Cpl. OUTHWAITE and landed in ‘no mans land’ where it was destroyed by shell fire. At 10.50am No further enemy attack. Shelling still heavy. Many enemy stretcher bearers seen carrying Boche wounded. Enemy casualties appear to be very heavy. At 12.00 noon Major HOWITT, Officer Commanding 7th LEICESTERSHIRE REGT arrived at Battalion HQ J.10.c.1.2. with one Company of 7th LEICESTERSHIRE REGT. Major HOWITT took command of the sector. Enemy prisoners state that another attack will take place at dusk, all arrangements made accordingly. Consolidation and improvement of positions carried on throughout the afternoon. Movement extremely difficulty on account of snipers and machine gun fire. At 1.15pm The enemy again commenced to shell heavily but did not attack. At 4.30pm The enemy reported by front Company to be massing in CAMERON COVERT and coming over the slope J.10.b. These parties were dispersed by our fire. At 5.30pm Enemy shelling increased. At 7.00pm S.O.S. from Brigade on our right. Our barrage came down almost at once and continued for an hour. No enemy movement seen after our barrage stopped. At 11.00pm S.O.S. again reported on left and right. No enemy action on our front. Enemy fired thousands of Very lights during our bombardment but did not shell heavily. Night passed comparatively quietly after this.

Leicestershire Project Findings
  • Conflict - World War I
Research from Michael Doyle's Their Name Liveth For Evermore
  • Unit - Leicestershire Regiment
  • Cause of death - KILLED IN ACTION
  • Burial Commemoration - Tyne Cot Mem., Zonnebeke, West Vlaanderen, Belgium
  • Born - Hornsey, Middx
  • Enlisted - September 1914 In Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Place of Residence - Tickencote, Rutland, England

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