Private Walter Stubbs, 241837

  • Batt - 1/5
  • Unit - Leicestershire Regiment
  • Section -
  • Date of Birth -
  • Died - 11/10/1918
  • Age -

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Source: Michael Doyle Their Name Liveth For Evermore: The Great War Roll of Honour for Leicestershire and Rutland.
The War Diary for today records. BOIS DE RIQUERVAL. 05.30. ZERO hour, D Coy (HAWLEY) with a left flank platoon (DUNLOP) moved along main road to REGNICOURT, closely followed by C Coy (BANWELL). A Coy (EDWARDES) advanced towards Chateau at south corner of the BOIS, but were at once met with very heavy machine gun fire from the right flank and front and dug in, ½ at cross roads, and ½ in hedge 50 yards east of road. B Coy advanced towards centre of wood and also became split up ½ to dig in under very heavy fire on face of hill, and ½ to dig in near FME DE RIQUERVAL. Battn HQ reached wood edge 100 yards north of Chateau and established a post there with enemy machine gun post on both flanks. Lt. S. COSGROVE commanding B Coy severely wounded. 08.00. D Coy (HAWLEY) reported within 800 yards of REGNICOURT, came under very heavy fire. Ditches along road side enfiladed and 2 Sergeants and 10 men killed. Consequently decided further advance impossible. C Coy (BANWELL) moved south to try to get touch with remainder of Battn but failed as they were not up. C and D Coy’s therefore formed a line through the wood north and south about 750 yards west of the final objective.08.30. Battn HQ party reinforced slightly now consisted of Commanding Officer, Adjutant and Lt. ASHDOWN with 1 French interpreter M. LETU, 12 French soldiers, 1 Lewis Gun team of the 4th Battn LEICESTERSHIRE REGT, and 1 platoon of A Coy collected from hedge where they were dug in. 10.00. Mixed platoon, English and French under Adjutant attacked and captured Chateau, taking one wounded German on the way. Remainder of A Coy brought up to consolidate. 10.45. Enemy recaptured RETHUIL FARM from the French and completely overlooked the Chateau. 11.00. Enemy covering his advance with very heavy machine gun fire from their front retook the Chateau capturing some of A Coy. The Medical Officer Captain W. B. JACK, ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS killed whilst attending the wounded with great courage. 2 Coy’s of the 5th Battn SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGT relieved C and D Coy’s. Later marched back to billets in FRESNOY LE GRAND. 11.15. M. LETU sent off to try and arrange French co-operation with a view to attacking Chateau again. This gentleman showed throughout the day the most praiseworthy courage and initiative combined with an entire disregard of danger. 12.30. 2 Coy’s of the 5th Battn SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGT occupied corner of wood, securing left flank of Battn HQ post, right flank still somewhat insecure. 13.45. 1 of the above Coy’s was withdrawn to make new attack which never materialised. Remaining Coy too weak to hold corner of wood withdrew to a line of hedge across the valley 60 yards east of main road. Lt. A. M. EDWARDES (Commanding A Coy) wounded. 16.30. Battn HQ and 1 platoon of A Coy now completely isolated and enfiladed by enemy’s machine guns on both flanks. Position was hopeless and several casualties occurred. Battn HQ therefore withdrew to line left by Coy of the 5th Battn SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGT. 17.15. Enemy seeing attack developing on left of French front opened tremendous bombardment. Gas and high explosive shells of all calibres were fired. Heaviest barrage was on position occupied by Battn HQ and A Coy, valley soon full of gas. 18.00. New positions sited on the side of road on east line, occupied and dug. 19.00. Battn relieved by 5th Battn SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGT. 19.30. On relief Battn marched back to billets in FRESNOY LE GRAND. 20.45. All in billets, tired out. Battn strength 10 officers, 230 fighting.

Leicestershire Project Findings
  • Conflict - World War I
  • Burial Place - Iv C 18, Busigny Communal Cemetery Extension
  • Other Memorials - Loughborough Carillon, War Memorial Bell Tower,
Research from Michael Doyle's Their Name Liveth For Evermore
  • Unit - Leicestershire Regiment
  • Cause of death - KILLED IN ACTION
  • Burial Commemoration - Busigny Com. Cem. Ext., France
  • Born - Loughborough, Leics
  • Enlisted - Loughborough, Leics

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