Private Percy Hall, 203349

  • Batt - 1
  • Unit - Leicestershire Regiment
  • Section -
  • Date of Birth -
  • Died - 22/03/1918
  • Age -

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Source: Michael Doyle Their Name Liveth For Evermore: The Great War Roll of Honour for Leicestershire and Rutland.
The War Diary for today records that the Battalion were in the Vaulx – Morchies Line. The night passed fairly quietly. The morning of the 22nd March dawned with a heavy fog and as soon as it was light the enemy put down a very heavy barrage on the Vaulx – Morchies line and Vaulx. During the night in order to concentrate the Battalion, B Company had been ordered to side step to the right and get into touch with D Company replacing 1 Company of the South Lancashire Regiment. Advice received during the morning that this was not effected. The Officer Commanding the South Lancashire Regiment refusing to move, as he had had no orders. At 8.30am orders were received from Brigade for Battalion HQ’s to move to dug outs east of Maricourt Wood, the Commanding Officer, Adjutant and four Orderlies moved off at 9.00am leaving the remainder to follow under Captain H. W. J. Brooker. No dug outs could be found in the place to be occupied, so Battalion HQ’s was established at the Cross Roads I.4.d at 10.30am sharing the same with the 2nd South Lancashire Regiment who had also moved. During the night of the 21st/22nd the 9th Norfolk Regiment and the 2nd Sherwood Foresters withdrew from the Vaulx – Morchies line to a position at I.10.o. central, their places being taken by 1 Company of the 2nd South Lancashire Regiment. At 11.00am the 2nd South Lancashire Regiment reported that the enemy had broken through the Vaulx – Morchies line between C.28.c. 85.15 and C.28.c 40.60. An officer of the 2nd South Lancashire Regiment reported a few minutes later that the breach extended from C.28.d. 2.2 to C.27.b. 3.7 on a frontage held by 2 Company’s of 2nd South Lancashire Regiment, 1 Company of the 11th Leicestershire Regiment and 1 Company 8th Border Regiment. A request was sent to the 2nd Sherwood Foresters and 9th Norfolk Regiment to move up to cover valley from line Sunken Road I.4.c to I.3.d. Defensive flank for high ground east of Vaulx Wood regained by 2nd South Lancashire Regiment and bombing parties sent forward to recover lost trenches. Reinforcements asked for, for left of Brigade front. At 11.40am enemy reported massing in C.28.a.b.c.d. Officer Commanding C Company 11th Leicestershire Regiment reported that he had only 37 men left and that enemy were in Vaulx Wood. He was instructed to look after his left flank. 1 officer and 40 other ranks of 11th Leicestershire Regiment who had come from Vaulx – Morchies line reported at Battalion HQ’s. At 2.00pm B Company reported that they had gained some ground in bombing up the Vaulx – Morchies line, and were continuing the bombing attack with the help of 1 officer and 60 other ranks of the 2nd South Lancashire Regiment. Maricourt Wood and the vicinity of Battalion HQ’s were heavily shelled throughout the morning. At 2.30pm heavy bombardment by both sides opened on the right of the Brigade front. At 3.15pm enemy seen from Battalion HQ’s pouring into Vaulx – Morchies line between Lagnicourt – Maricourt Wood Road and Vaulx Wood. At 3.45pm the breach this time was effective and the situation was becoming very grave. The withdrawal became somewhat disorderly and the enemy came rapidly through C.28. to I.4., C.29.d. and Morchies. A Ridge in I.10.a. and c. was held by our Machine gunners, and troops withdrawing were collected and an orderly withdrawal instituted to the partially consolidated line in I.10. central. Up to this time only 1 man (wounded, belonging to B Company) of the Battalion had come back from the Vaulx – Morchies line. At 4.30pm the enemy brought up his light machine guns with great rapidity and was soon putting up a strong barrage with them along the valley in I.10. central and the ridges east and west of it. This valley and the heights were thickly held by troops of 25th Division. An immediate counter attack was urgently required if the Vaulx – Morchies line was to be regained, but all the troops holding the new line had orders that they were on no account to move forward. The line ran through C.11.c., I.10.d., I.10.c. and I.9.d. Eventually a number of Tanks (about 16) in the visible front came forward and under very heavy shell and Machine Gun fire advanced as far as the Vaulx – Morchies line with most of the enemy retiring before them. This Tank attack was not supported by infantry and gradually petered out as the Tanks became casualties or used up all their ammunition. At 9.00pm the remants of the 3 Battalions of the Brigade were:- 1st Leicestershire Regiment about 40 all ranks under Lieutenant Colonel F. Latham D.S.O. 9th Norfolk Regiment about 80 all ranks under Lieutenant C. P. Bassenthwaite. 2nd Sherwood Foresters about 40 all ranks under Captain Giles were disposed in sections of trench in valley in I.10.c. with Battle HQ’s at I.10.d. 10.90. The night passed quietly. Casualties, other ranks A Company 6 killed, 14 wounded, 46 missing, B Company 3 killed, 14 wounded, 83 missing, C Company 6 killed, 21 wounded, 49 missing, D Company 1 killed, 12 wounded, 113 missing. Officer casualties Lieutenant Acting Captain F. E. Shelton killed, 2nd Lieutenant G. Mansfield wounded and missing, Lieutenant Acting Captain J.H. John missing, Lieutenant B. C. Lawrence missing, 2nd Lieutenant O. C. Harper missing, 2nd Lieutenant A. H. Bagshaw missing, 2nd Lieutenant A. C. Ansell missing, 2nd Lieutenant M. Mills missing, Lieutenant Acting Captain S. T. Hartshorne wounded remained at duty, Captain F Taylor (U.S.M.S.) wounded remained at duty.

Leicestershire Project Findings
  • Conflict - World War I
  • Other Memorials - Loughborough Carillon, War Memorial Bell Tower
Research from Michael Doyle's Their Name Liveth For Evermore
  • Unit - Leicestershire Regiment
  • Cause of death - KILLED IN ACTION
  • Burial Commemoration - Arras Mem., Pas De Calais, France
  • Enlisted - Loughborough, Leics

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