Private Joseph Reginald Haigh, 23696

  • Batt - 7
  • Unit - Leicestershire Regiment
  • Section -
  • Date of Birth - 1886
  • Died - 29/03/1918
  • Age - 32

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Source: Michael Doyle Their Name Liveth For Evermore: The Great War Roll of Honour for Leicestershire and Rutland.
He was the son of Walter Haigh, a certificated school master, born 20th June 1855 in High Bridge, Scissett, Yorkshire and baptised on the 29th December 1856 in St. Augustine’s Church, Scissett and his wife Sarah Ann Haigh (nee Wiggins, married on the 12th May 1883 in St. George’s Church, Barnsley, Yorkshire), a certificated school mistress, born 1855 in Leeds, Yorkshire. Joseph Reginald, a schoolboy, was born in the 1st quarter of 1886 in Worsborough, Yorkshire, his siblings were, Walter, a schoolboy, born in the 1st quarter of 1885 and Edward Sydney a schoolboy, born in the 4th quarter of 1887, both his siblings were born in Worsborough, in April 1891 the family home was at School House, Highstone Road, Worsborough. In March 1901 Joseph was employed as a pupil teacher and was residing in the family home at School House, Highstone Road, Worsborough, together with his father, a certificated schoolmaster, his mother a certificated schoolmistress and his siblings, Walter, a pupil teacher, Edward and Ida Muriel Mary, born 1895 in Worsborough. In April 1911 Joseph was absent from the family home at School House, Highstone Road, Worsborough, residing there was his widowed father, a head teacher and his siblings, Walter, an assistant teacher, Edward, an assistant teacher and Ida, Joseph was employed as an elementary school teacher and was residing as a boarder at Lakenham, Lancaster Avenue, Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Joseph’s two brother’s both died during the conflict, Edward fell in action on the 15th July 1916 and Walter fell in action on the 25th September 1916.
Joseph enlisted/attested into the Regular Army on the 9th December 1915 in Loughborough, and was allotted the service number 10/23696. He gave his place of birth as Worsborough, Barnsley, Yorkshire and age as 29 years 11 months. His marital status was given as unmarried and his trade or calling as clerk. He gave his present address as 131, Derby Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire.
He confirmed that he had previously with the 11th City of London, Royal Garrison Artillery.
His medical examination took place in Loughborough on the 9th December 1915 and recorded his apparent age as 29 years 11 months, that he was 5-feet 10 inches in height, weighed 140 lbs, had a chest measurement of between 37 and 39 inches and his physical development was described as good.
He gave his next of kin as his father, Walter Haigh, 131, Derby Road, Loughborough.
During his period of military service, the following events of note occurred: -
Attested. Loughborough. 9/12/15.
To Army Reserve. 9/12/15.
Mobilized. 9/12/15.
Posted. 10th (2nd Reserve) Bn. Leicestershire Regt. Pte. 20/12/15.
Joined. 21/12/15.
Posted. 8/1/16.
Embarked. 14/7/16.
Joined. 12th Infantry Brigade Depot, Etaples. 14/7/16.
Posted. To 7th Bn. Leicestershire Regt. 15/7/16.
Joined. 7th Bn. Leicestershire Regt. In the Field. 2/8/16.
To Field Ambulance. In the Field. 10/9/16.
Admitted. To 64th Field Ambulance. In the Field. 11/9/16.
Transferred. To 105th Field Ambulance. In the Field. 11/9/16.
Transferred. To 37th Casualty Clearing Station. In the Field. 11/9/16.
Transferred. To 6th General Hospital. 12/9/16.
Transferred. To I.S.H. 15/9/16.
Hospital Stoppages. 16/9/16.
Transferred. To 2 C.H., Rouen. 4/10/16.
Transferred. To Base Depot, Rouen. 7/11/16.
Joined. 12th Infantry Brigade Depot, Calais. 9/11/16.
Joined. 7th Bn. Leicestershire Regt. In the Field. 16/11/16.
Admitted. To 65th Field Ambulance, Locre suffering from debility. 1/12/16.
Admitted. To 1 C.R.S. 1/12/16.
To duty. 12/12/16.
Deprived. Of 5 days’ pay for losing one oil can by neglect. 28/3/17.
Leave Granted 3/5/17 to 13/5/17.
Admitted. To 133rd Field Ambulance suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. 22/3/18.
Admitted. To 5th General Hospital. 27/3/18.
Died of wounds. 29/3/18.
Summary of Service.
Home Service. 20/12/15 – 11/7/16. 205 days.
France. 12/7/16 – 29/3/18. 1 year 251 days.
Total Service. 2 years 91 days.
He was awarded the British War Medal and Victory Medal.
In September 1940, as the result of a fire caused by an incendiary bomb at the War Office Record Store in Arnside Street, London, approximately two thirds of 6.5 million soldiers’ documents for the First World War were destroyed. Those records which survived were mostly charred or water damaged and unfit for consultation and became known as the “burnt documents.” As a consequence, the content and condition of the surviving records can range from good to extremely poor. The hand written information is, in some instances barely legible, and the number of pages that should comprise a full record, in some cases are either badly damaged or missing entirely, however where possible the available information has been transcribed so that it may at least offer the reader a little descriptive insight into some, if not all of the events and background information surrounding the period of service.
The War Diary records: 22 Mar-18 - During the night the enemy rushed forward his field and heavy guns and in the early morning he opened an intense bombardment of the RED LINE, PEIZIERE and the YELLOW LINE, under a heavy barrage he attacked the RED LINE but was driven off. 10.00am. About this hour news was received that the enemy had captured ST. EMILIE and the southern edge of EPEHY and the 8th LEICESTERSHIRE REGIMENT had been ordered to form a defensive flank on the EPEHY – SAULCOURT ROAD, to combine with this and to cover the right rear of PEIZIERE a second defensive flank facing south was made with every available man from Battalion HQ between YELLOW SUPPORT LINE and CHAUFOURS WOOD. 11.00 am. As it was seen that the enemy were entering EPEHY in force from the south the two Tanks were ordered forward to check his advance and if possible clear EPEHY. The enemy retired on seeing their approach, and they report having inflicted heavy casualties. Unfortunately they were running short of petrol and as the engines required repairs they were unable to proceed further and attempting to withdraw to SAULCOURT both were knocked out. 12.00 noon. About this hour orders were received to withdraw the Battalion behind to BROWN LINE and concentrate at LONGAVENES. 12.15 pm. Orders were issued for the withdrawal, up to this hour Captain VANNER M.C. was still holding the RED LINE and driving off every attack made on it. After the withdrawal of his Company he waited to superintend the demolition of both bridges over the cutting. This was successfully carried out. The withdrawal of the Battalion and the extrication of the posts in PEIZIERE was a matter of some difficulty as by the time of the receipt of the order by the Companies the enemy was in occupation of EPEHY and firing in from the north. The withdrawal was made under heavy machine gun fire from the south east and north east and a considerable number of casualties were incurred during it. 3.30 pm. Battalion reorganised in valley just north of LONGAVESNES and received orders to march to AIZECOURT LE HAUT. 6.00 pm. Battalion arrived and went into camp. Men had a hot meal.
The War Diary records: 23 Mar-18 - 12.00 Midnight. Orders received for the Battalion to occupy a position in GREEN LINE. 1.00am. The Battalion marched off and took up positions in GREEN LINE east and north east of EPINETTE WOOD. The Battalion was in position by 4.30am. 7.00am. About this hour the enemy commenced a heavy bombardment of the position occupied by the Battalion, our artillery also fired, short dropping a considerable number of shells into the GREEN LINE. As this line was only 1 foot deep a good many casualties were caused by the bombardment. 9.00am. The enemy attacked from the south east and penetrated between CURLU WOOD and EPINETTE WOOD. Our line was accordingly drawn back to the PERONNE – NURLU ROAD. This position was held for about two hours, heavy casualties being inflicted on the enemy. At this time the left flank was in touch with the 9th Division along the road and the right flank with the NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS PIONEERS but with rather a large gap on the flank. 10.30am. Orders received to withdraw to MIDENETTE LINE. 11.00am. Withdrawal commenced from left flank which had the further distance to go. The line was occupied without serious interference by the enemy with right flank about 500 yards off the aerodrome sheds. 1.00pm. About this hour the enemy commenced working round the right flank and got several machine guns in position north of the aerodrome sheds which enfiladed our line. The line was withdrawn down the hill south of MOISLAINS under heavy machine gun and rifle fire. A short stand was made on the canal bank and continued to the high ground North West of HAUT ALLAINES. At this time there was a considerable gap on the left flank, touch being lost with 9th Division. The position above HAUT ALLAINES was held till dark without serious opposition. 7.00pm. Orders received to occupy the high ground west of BOIS MARRIERS. 8.00pm. New line occupied with NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS PIONEERS on the right and some of the SOUTH AFRICAN Brigade on the left. The night passed without any attack by the enemy.

Leicestershire Project Findings
  • Conflict - World War I
  • Burial Place - P Vii L 11a, St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen
  • Other Memorials - Loughborough Carillon, War Memorial Bell Tower
Research from Michael Doyle's Their Name Liveth For Evermore
  • Unit - Leicestershire Regiment
  • Cause of death - DIED OF WOUNDS
  • Burial Commemoration - St Sever Cem. Ext., Rouen, France
  • Born - Worsborough Dale, Yorkshire
  • Enlisted - 09/12/1915 in Loughborough, Leicestershire
  • Place of Residence - 131 Derby Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, England

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