Private William Blood, 17518

  • Batt - 2
  • Unit - Leicestershire Regiment
  • Section -
  • Date of Birth - 1889
  • Died - 03/10/1916
  • Age - 27

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Source: Michael Doyle Their Name Liveth For Evermore: The Great War Roll of Honour for Leicestershire and Rutland.
He was the son of Thomas Henry Blood a shoemaker, born 1854 in Shepshed, Leics., and his wife Charlotte, born 1860 in Shepshed, Leics. William was born in 1889 in Loughborough, Leics., his siblings were George Everard, born 1886 and Blanche Caroline, born 1887 both his siblings were born in Shepshed, Leics., in April 1891 the family home was at 27, Union Street, Loughborough, Leics., in the Ecclesiastical Parish of All Saints. In March 1901 William was residing in the family home at 134, Paget Street, Loughborough, Leics., in the Ecclesiastical Parish of St. Peter, together with his parents and siblings, George, Blanche and Edith, born 1893 in Loughborough, Leics. In April 1911 William was employed as a factory machinist and was residing in the family home at 44, Ratcliffe Road, Loughborough, Leics., together with his parents and siblings, Caroline and Edith. The War Diary for today records. Our snipers registered 4 hits on the Turks. In the morning a Turk was seen using a Periscope. Rifle grenades lodged in the sap where he was seen the periscope disappeared and the Turk was seen doubling along the trench. A listening patrol went out on the sands and reported no enemy activity. The Stokes Bty made good practice on the enemy front line. Enemy snipers were active. A number of large and medium bombs dropped in our lines, but no casualties. Wiring was continued and completed, and a fatigue party of 50 men worked on COBBES STREET. In the morning an aeroplane and an observation balloon of ours went up. Quiet day. At night the Battn was relieved by the 20th PUNJABIS in the left section, and by the BLACK WATCH on the right section. Some baggage was sent up in the morning and the remainder at night. Each Coy stood to, and as it was relieved made its way independently to the end of BAREILLY STREET, where the Coy’s awaited the arrival of the rest of the Battn on the main road. The Battn then marched to the REARWARD AREA, arriving about 11.00pm when tea was served out. D Coy left the trenches in the morning at 5.00am and provided the outpost to relieve the 53rd SIKHS at the HANNAH OUTPOST positions, and also Guards for the Bridge, and the Ammunition Barge. Temperature maximum 96.0 minimum 53.0.

Leicestershire Project Findings
  • Conflict - World War I
  • Burial Place - Xxi B 2, Amara War Cemetery
  • Other Memorials - Loughborough Carillon, War Memorial Bell Tower
Research from Michael Doyle's Their Name Liveth For Evermore
  • Unit - Leicestershire Regiment
  • Cause of death - DIED OF WOUNDS
  • Burial Commemoration - Amara War Cem., Iraq
  • Born - Loughborough, Leics
  • Enlisted - Leicester
  • Place of Residence - Loughborough, Leicestershire, England

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