Private Reginald Cramp, 7747

  • Batt - 1
  • Unit - Leicestershire Regiment
  • Section -
  • Date of Birth -
  • Died - 21/12/1915
  • Age -

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Source: Michael Doyle Their Name Liveth For Evermore: The Great War Roll of Honour for Leicestershire and Rutland.
Church memorial spelling of the surname is Cramps. The War Diary for the 18th December recorded that the Battalion had entered the trenches at Wieltje taking over from 2nd Bn. Sherwood Foresters (2nd Bn. Durham Light Infantry on right at Potijze, 9th Bn. Norfolk Regiment on our left. There was a gap of 150 yards on our right between us and the Durham Light Infantry, this belonged to the 18th Infantry Brigade who were responsible for patrols) Distribution A Coy B9 (right firing line). B Coy B 10 (left firing line). C Coy (support line) S.10.A. D Coy (support line) S.9.A. 2 Platoons. D Coy Canal bank 2 Platoons. 6 Machine gun positions and 8 Bomb posts. The entry for today read as follows:- Shelling continued all night 20th/21st till almost 7.00am when wind changed and went round to “SAFE” Germans at once stopped shelling. (Probably the Germans had intended giving us another gas attack after the bombardment had the wind held). Remainder of the 21st Dec was pretty quiet. Gunners estimate that Germans fired 400,000 shells into 6th Division area alone during the bombardment. These numbers of course included the batteries etc. in 6th Division area. Points to be noted re gas were (1) Gas very deadly. (2) Slightest defect in tube helmet is fatal – or almost fatal. (3) No time to be lost in putting helmets on. Two to five minutes was sufficient to kill a man who had lost his helmet. As the gas attack was expected (though date was unknown) all our bomb and listening posts in front line of trenches had been supplied with extra helmets so that one man could always wear a helmet. This precaution was needed because the gas travelled at such speed that men were almost overpowered at once. In fact men in the front line were about gassed before helmets could be got on so quick did the gas travel. Casualties 2nd Lt. S. Hubbard sick, 16 suffering from gas, 4 sick. Total Casualties 18th to the 21st A Coy 3 killed, 6 died of gas, 4 wounded, 53 suffering from gas. 3 sick. B Coy 9 wounded, 19 suffering from gas, 1 sick. C Coy 6 killed, 1 died of gas, 4 wounded, 6 suffering from gas, 1 sick. 3 missing. D Coy 2 wounded, 10 suffering from gas, 2 missing.

Leicestershire Project Findings
  • Conflict - World War I
  • Burial Place - I F 14, White House Cemetery, St. Jean-les-ypres
  • Other Memorials - Markfield Centenary War Memorial
Research from Michael Doyle's Their Name Liveth For Evermore
  • Unit - Leicestershire Regiment
  • Cause of death - KILLED IN ACTION
  • Burial Commemoration - White House Cem., St Jean-les-Ypres, Belgium
  • Born - Markfield, Leicestershire
  • Enlisted - Leicester
  • Place of Residence - Markfield, Leicestershire, England
  • Memorial - MARKFIELD MEM., LEICS

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