Private Harry Armstrong, 22843

  • Batt - 8
  • Unit - Leicestershire Regiment
  • Section -
  • Date of Birth - 07/11/1896
  • Died - 15/07/1916
  • Age - 19

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Source: Michael Doyle Their Name Liveth For Evermore: The Great War Roll of Honour for Leicestershire and Rutland.
He was the son of William Armstrong a Limestone Quarryman, born 1852 in Ovingham, Northumberland and his wife Annie, born 1856 in Sunderland, County Durham. Harry, was born in 1897 in Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire, his siblings were John Graham, born 1888, Margaret, born 1890 and Teasdale, born 1892, all his siblings were born in Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire. In March 1901 the family home was at Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire. Before the war Harry had been a footman at Goadby Hall. The War Diary covering the events of the 14th and 15th July 1916 records the following entries.
14th July 1916 at 3.00am. Dispositions as follows, Battalion HQ. same place as above, "D" Company in 2 lines of 2 platoons with its right on the railway 200 yards in front of north edge of wood. "C" Company moved up to the north edge, "B" Company supporting 7th LEICESTERSHIRE REGT lying in the north east corner of the wood, "A" Company supported the 6th LEICESTERSHIRE REGT lying out in the open on the eastern side of the wood. Battalion raiders and "D" Company bombers were lying out in front of "D" Company 1st wave. During our intense bombardment from 3.00am., enemy subjected the north edge of the wood and the wood itself to very heavy bombardment and machine gun fire. 3.25am. "D" Company advanced preceded by the raiders and bombers to their objective which was about 100 yards of VILLA TRENCH to the left of the railway LEFT TRENCH and ASTON TRENCH. During intense bombardment they crept up as close as possible. In the actual attack this Company suffered considerably from hostile machine gun fire, not a single officer reaching VILLA TRENCH. The Company was led by its N.C.O.’s. Very little opposition was encountered once VILLA TRENCH was reached, dug outs were immediately bombed and the Lewis guns which followed up closely took up a position in VILLA TRENCH and caused a considerable number of casualties amongst the retreating enemy. Although the majority of the raiders had been knocked out, the remainder did excellent work in bombing towards the left flank and blocking VILLA and ASTON TRENCHES. "D" Company consolidated these trenches as quickly as possible. At 4.25am. "C" Company and 1st waves of "A" and "B" Companies advanced over the 450 yards of no mans land and arrived at BAZENTIN LE PETIT WOOD, "C" Company going up the west side of the wood as far as FOREST TRENCH support, eventually advancing with 7th LEICESTERSHIRE REGT as far as the north edge of the wood on the way bombing two enemy dug outs in the wood. This Company’s final position was from ASTON TRENCH to within about 100 yards of north west corner of wood. "B" Company and "A" Company on arrival at the wood pushed forward in support of 7th and 6th LEICESTERSHIRE REGT the whole three advancing to the north edge of the wood and BAZENTIN LE PETIT village. The enemy put up a strong resistance in FOREST TRENCH but withdrew to the outskirts of the village and the extreme north east corner of the wood, the time was about 8.00am. During the advance over no mans land a number of casualties received due to enemy machine gun situated in the middle of the wood on platforms up large trees. About 5.00am. Commanding Officer and Adjutant came over to south west corner of wood where Battalion HQ. was established. 5.25am. Last wave of "A" and "B" Companies came over and passed right through the wood to the north edge. 5.00am. Enemy counter attacked up ASTON and VILLA TRENCHES with bombs and rifle grenades, "C" Company under 2nd Lt. ALEXANDER formed bombing parties and drove them back, the latter and the Colonel losing their lives about this time. The left flank was continually rifle grenaded till about 2.30pm. 10.00am. Enemy counter attacked the north edge of the wood but were repulsed by rifle and Lewis gun fire after 3 hours of fighting. About this time 50 men were sent up from FOREST TRENCH where they were consolidating to support "C" Company’s right. Every effort was now made to consolidate positions gained. From 3.00 to 4.15pm. enemy bombarded BAZENTIN LE PETIT WOOD and no mans land very heavily, using tear shells, when the 1st EAST YORKSHIRE REGT came up with reinforcements. Night of 14th/15th. North edge of wood was much troubled by a party of enemy entrenched outside, who caused several casualties with rifle grenades and sniping. This party was eventually driven out by stokes gun on night of 16th/17th instant.
15th July 1916 at 6.00am. Battalion had orders to withdraw to a spot in rear of MAMETZ WOOD together with the 7th and 9th LEICESTERSHIRE REGT. On its arrival it was ordered to resume its positions in BAZENTIN LE PETIT WOOD as soon as possible, which it did. Nothing of importance happened after this till the Battalion was relieved except continual sniping from the enemy. Rations and water and small arms ammunition came up each evening and were successfully distributed except in the case of an isolated party of "B" Company in BAZENTIN village on evening of 14th.

Leicestershire Project Findings
  • Conflict - World War I
  • Cause of death - KILLED IN ACTION
  • Place of death - Somme
  • Burial Place - Grave X F 37; Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval
  • Birth Place - Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire
Research from Michael Doyle's Their Name Liveth For Evermore
  • Unit - Leicestershire Regiment
  • Cause of death - KILLED IN ACTION
  • Burial Commemoration - Caterpillar Valley Cem., Longueval, France
  • Born - Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire
  • Enlisted - Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
  • Place of Residence - Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire, England

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