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Name Rank Unit Batt Died Alderman - FW Aldous - Dennis George Flight Sergeant Royal Air Force 26/12/1969 Aldred - W Lance Corporal Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment) Aldsworth - Harold Leicestershire Regiment A Coy; 8 Aldwinckle - CH Aldwinckle - WF Sister Qaismnr Alexander - John William Ordinary Telegraphist Royal Navy - Hm Trawler Almond 02/02/1941 Alexander - Richard Colton Pilot Officer (air Gunner) Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 44 Sqdn 08/05/1944 Allan - Charles Kenneth Able Seaman Royal Navy - Hms President Iii 27/05/1942 Allbright - RH